She’s all ears!!!

Brenne has been in rescue searching for her home for over 5 months. It’s so sad she came to rescue as a puppy and is now an adult dog still in rescue.

Brenne is not good with other animals and must be the only pet.

She’s proven to be pretty good at winning over her fosters. Brenne is housetrained but not crate trained.

Brenne has moments where she is calm

and settled and moment’s that she is a complete wild woman. She can get pretty excited when her foster parents come home from work. She will need to learn to curb that with a trainer as she can jump up pretty high and sometimes even nip a little. She doesn’t mean any harm but this will need some work.

The fosters say Brenne can get a little barky when they leave but stops after a few minutes. She does have quite the bark so apartment living is not for her.

Overall Brenne is a sweet girl who just needs someone with patience and someone who believes in hiring a trainer. Like most of our dogs she would benefit. 

Brenne is up to date on vaccinations, spayed and ready and waiting for her forever home


Pearl come to us from the Dominican Republic. She can be shy and quite, she’s actually an easy addition for a calm and quite home. 

She is sweet and calm, houstrained, loves her crate. Loves walks. Could use to lose a little weight. 

She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting or learning more please fill out an application


Meet Bella

Bella is a 7 year old 9 pound chihuahua. She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, and has had a recent dental.

Bella was rescued from a high kill shelter in Quebec, her time was up. We decided to give her a chance.

This is one spicy chi! She does bite, has bitten and will likely bite again. This girl needs to be the only pet as she is not good with other animals. She should also be in an adult only home due to her bite history. 

She is extremely playful, can be very loving and does enjoy the company of her person/ people. She is mostly housetrained and crate trained. 

Bella is looking for someone who will give her space and let her come to them, someone who does not mind doing a little training and setting boundaries.

If you think this is you please fill out an application 

Estrella is a skinny little 2 year old 7 pound leggy chihuahua/ Italian greyhound/ pug mix? This little girl has an old injury to her hip, likely hit by a car at some point. The injury does not stop her, it’s hardly noticeable.

Estrella is shy/nervous at first, after she settles in she’s a total sweetheart. Estrella was nervous for the first two days with the dogs and cats in her previous foster but now she’s doing amazing. She’s crated when the foster goes out and doing well in her crate. She doesn’t bark but makes a funny little honking sound, but it’s not loud at all. Estrella is walking well on leash and loves her walks.

Once she is comfortable she’s a playful little snuggle bug. We are looking for an adult only home that has a fenced in yard for this little one, because she is a flight risk especially the first few days.

She’s spayed and utd on vaccinations.

If you are interested in adopting Estrella or learning more please fill out an application


Josie is about a year old, she’s a parti Yorkie. Josie is a puppy mill puppy and was born in Ohio and shipped down to a pet store in Florida when she was a baby.

Josie sat in that pet store for most of her puppyhood so she’s has zero social skills. A kind woman bought her after seeing her sit there for too long.

Josie passed through several hands before landing in a rescue down in Florida. The rescue in Florida is overwhelmed with dogs so we decided to take her.

When she arrived she her heat was ending and we were waiting to spay her. That’s when we discovered she was pregnant.

Josie has been through so much in her short year alive, now that her puppies are weaned she will be spayed and start living for herself.

Josie will require lots of professional training, so if you are not willing to hire a trainer please DO NOT apply to adopt her. Josie has been failed enough and we will not allow her to be failed again!

Josie is an extremely nervous dog, while on walks she walks low and fast, she’s clearly uncomfortable and afraid.

Josie is not good when strangers come in her house and she will constantly bark. Josie is a big barker for that reason we do not feel she is suited for a condo or apt. We also feel Josie would do best in an adult only home because she can be very nervous.

Josie likes to chew random things, wires, tissue, plastic, shoes are just examples.

Josie is not fully housetrained but If you stay on top of her a learn her habits you can avoid accidents in the house. Josie does however like to pee on throw carpets. That will require some work to break her of that habit.

Josie is a major flight risk, she is extremely fearful and would run away any chance she gets. Baby gates at the exits of the home are a must! She is fast!

We do believe Josie would do well with other small dogs. She has a nervous energy about her at times and needs to be in a calm state while being introduced to new dogs and things typically go well.

The good! Once Josie is comfortable she is extremely loving and very playful. She loves to be with her person and just follow you around. She loves her toys abd has learn how to kill a squeaker without damaging her toys.

Josie can be very calm at times and loves to sunbathe at the back door. This dog is so charismatic and will entertain you all day if you let her.

Josie does well in her crate if she can see you. If you try to crate her in another room she will bark.

Josie is extremely food motivated, so that’s helpful with training.

Josie has completed her job at being a mom and devoted everything to her puppies, it’s now time to find her a forever home!

If you are interested in adopting Josie you must be willing to hire a trainer and work hard for her, we also require that our adopters purchase pet insurance for their dogs.

Burt was just a baby when he came to us at just 12 weeks old, he is now 5 months. He’s being fostered with young children and doing great. He is working on his housetraining, doing great in the crate. This guy is a typical puppy, happy go lucky. He is shy at first but warms up quickly. Our puppies must go to puppy classes after adoption, they will be bigger dogs and socializing is a must! Burt is one of Emily’s puppies and also came from northern Ontario. If you are interested in adopting or learning more please fill out an application


Bonita came to us from the Dominican Republic. shy at first, but once comfortable a very playful loving girl. She’s struggling with her crate training but doing better. 

She is housetrained and loves to go for walks. 

She is 10 months old Dachshund mix, spayed and vaccinated.

She can be vocal at times, but her voice is not very loud, it’s comical because it seems she’s trying to communicate. She’s full of love and character. 

If you are interested in learning more or adopting please fill out an application


Apollo is a 10 week old border collie mix. 
He is a total sweetheart, your average puppy. He was born in Ontario and was surrendered with the rest of his litter mates. 

He is working on his crate training and housetraining. He is good with cats and dogs. 

He will have two rounds of vaccinations and neuter covered by the rescue. It is part of the adoption fee. He has had his first round of dewormer and will receive at least two more. 

Our rescue is a big supporter of pet insurance and want to adopt to like minded people.


Athena is a 10 week old mixed breed puppy. 
She was born in Ontario and was an owner surrender with her litter mates. 

We aren’t sure how big she will get, although her mom is about 40 pounds, she may weigh in more as we don’t know her dad. 

Athena is working on her housetraining and crate training. She is being fostered in a home with young children and doing great. 

The rescue will be covering the cost of her spay and two rounds of vaccinations. She is in process of being dewormed and will be vetted by the rescue. That’s included in her adoption fee. 

We are huge supporters of pet insurance, we want to adopt our dogs to likeminded people.

Chandler and Joey.jpeg

Chandler & Joey are 7 week old mixed breed, he came to us from a northern community in Ontario. 

They are weighing in at 5 pounds, we have no idea how big he will get. 

They will not be available until after their 2 rounds of vaccinations and dewormed. 

They are working on housetraining and crate training and doing excellent so far. 

We would like to see them go to puppy training and also have pet insurance. 

If you are interested in adopting please fill out an application