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Meet Toby!

Toby is a 9 year old Terrier mix, coming into rescue as an owner surrender. He weighs approximately 26lbs and is full of just so much love.

Toby is an absolute character. His foster noted that he can be a bit rambunctious and if his energy is not properly expended, he can get into a bit of trouble chewing on socks and shoes. He's incredibly food motivated and will happily do some tricks for you if you've got something delicious to offer in return. Toby is incredibly affectionate and just loves to be with his people.

He does very well in the car and is absolutely amazing on walks—probably because he just loves them so much. He doesn't pull and completely ignores other dogs. Toby is house trained and crate trained (although he doesn't particularly care for his crate).

Overall, Toby is a very sweet dog with people but it's important to note that he was never properly socialized in his young life; he spent his whole 9 years of life as an "only child". Toby has also shown some food aggression, which his adopters should continue to work on with him. As a result, he would do best in a home that does not have other pets and children.

Toby also unfortunately suffers from a condition called sebaceous adenitis—an immune-mediated disorder that targets the sebaceous glands. It sounds complicated but it's really not! The condition is managed by topical treatments and he receives a weekly medicated bath to soothe the skin and prevent bacterial infection from developing. As a supplement, he also receives a small dose of prednisone alongside Omega-3 fatty acid to help his skin barrier—all of which his adopter must be willing to continue administering.

If you're interested in learning more or adopting Toby, please fill out and complete an application.

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