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Taz is a shepherd-husky cross, about 90lbs, neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations.

Unfortunately, Taz is a returning PPDR dog—originally rescued from Manitoba and part of a litter of 8. He did not start training until 6 months old, at which point, Taz was already the size of an adult dog with excitable habits. It's a difficult stage and although he did receive over 7 months training, it's just not working out for his previous adopters.

We appreciate that he will come back to the rescue as that’s all we ask. Most dogs do start to settle at around 2 years old, so we believe things can only go up from here. We now know better who Taz is as an adult and we will work hard to find the right fit for him. We believe part of the issue is that he just needs to be able to burn more energy and continue his training.

So we are here with Taz. He was adopted out as a young puppy almost two years ago. Taz is extremely loving, loyal and loves to give kisses. This guy has a ton of energy to burn, he is very excitable and does not know his size. 

He would do best with a very active family or even better, a job. Taz gets overly excited when out on walks, especially passing new dogs. We were told he is not aggressive at all but just wants to say hello to everyone. Taz is not crate trained but the adopters say he is fine when left home alone.

We would love nothing more than to see Taz in a home with an active family who doesn’t mind doing a little work.

If you are interested in learning more or adopting Taz, please fill out and submit an application.

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