We want to first say that Rugar is a mixed breed from a small northern community called Attawapiskat. We do not actually know how big he will get! There is no way to know because we don’t know who the father is.

Rugar is your typical 10 week old puppy; he’s playful, mischievous, curious and loves to explore! He is being fostered in a home with a cat a a few other adult dogs and his little brother, Glock. He’s doing well with all of the other animals. 

Rugar is crate trained, pee pad trained and working on housetraining. 

So far he has been dewormed a few times but we have many to go! Deworming is a process. He has only had his first round of vaccinations; the cost of his second round, the rest of his deworming, and his neuter once he is old enough, will be covered by the rescue. This will be done at our clinic so you must be willing and able to drive him to his remaining appointments in Barrie. We estimate two to three more appointments, if all goes to plan. 

We do require that all of our puppies attend puppy training classes. We want our dogs to be well rounded and confident. We also highly suggest purchasing a pet insurance plan to protect these little babies. This way the best health care is not out of reach for anyone! 

All of our puppies are on puppy gastro Royal Canin dog food. 

If you are interested in adopting Rugar, please fill out an application.