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Meet this blue-eyed beauty, Nora!

Nora came to us from the remote Northern Ontario town of Attawapiskat with her brother, Thor. She is about 10 weeks old.


Nori is a real cutie pie. She loves being around people and is a super snuggler, always looking for a good belly rub. She is a quick learner and already understands "leave it". She is very responsive in her training.

Nora is also doing very well with her potty-training. Her fosters have been diligent about regularly letting her outside for bathroom breaks so Nora has already started to go to the door to be let out. Pee-pads are still used in case of accidents but she is learning quickly!

Nora and her brother get along great with other dogs and kids; she has not been cat-tested. She loves a good game of tug-of-war, loves to play with her toys but is also happy to just sit back and munch on a deer antler.

She is VERY food motivated and has a habit of gobbling up her food very quickly. Currently, her foster is using a slow feeder bowl which has been helping slow her down. 

If you're interested in learning more about Nora, please fill out an application.

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