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Meet Laila! She is a 5 month old female Husky/Shepherd mix who came to us with her sister, Mia, from a remote Northern Ontario town.

Laila is a smart girl who is inquisitive and independent. She also has beautiful eyes! She does really well in her crate and sleeps in it through the night. Her foster parents work from home so she hasn’t been alone for more than 4-5 hours. That said, when she is left alone, she does very well. Laila is doing great with her potty training and has even started going to the door when she needs to go out. But if you aren’t super quick to notice, she might have an accident at the door.

Laila is eating 3 meals a day and has learned to be patient while waiting for her kibble to be served. She now knows that she has to sit and can’t bounce up your leg—even if it's only to help!

Laila is living with other dogs and they all get along great. She likes to run around outside with them and acts like one of the big kids. She also currently lives with a cat and does fine with him. The cat likes to sit and observe Laila and her sister which sometimes brings with it a curious bark. All it takes is the squeak of a toy to get her attention back.

Speaking of toys! Laila LOVES them! Especially tennis balls! She also loves anything fluffy, so keep your slippers hidden or she might try to steal them.


Laila has received her first two vaccines and has been dewormed and spayed.

If you're interested in learning more or adopting Mia, please fill out and submit an application.

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