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Meet Kita the Adventurer!

Kita is a 12 week old Husky/Shepherd Cross. She arrived into our care with her brother, Summit, from a remote Northern Ontario community.

Kita is a very smart and curious girl. No snow pile is too high for her to climb! She's learning commands like "off" and "leave it" and doing very well. She's playful, quite social and has the most beautiful inquisitive eyes. Kita is a gorgeous, loving little girl.

She is crate trained and sleeps through the night without a problem. She eats in the crate and is good for at least 3 hrs alone during the day. Kita is good with other dogs and children. She has never met a cat, but her foster mom says she has no doubts that she would be fine with them. She does well on car rides as well—she just curls up and goes to sleep in her crate.


Kita is also working on her potty training and progressing every day. She will often go to the door to be let out, and will only use the pee pads if her fosters are not up quick enough.

Kita is up-to-date on her vaccines and will need to be spayed before adoption but we are accepting applications on her now.

If you're interested in bringing beautiful Kita home, please fill out and submit an application form.

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