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Jacko is a 6 year old Shih Tzu, owner surrender. 

Jacko isn't the type to snuggle, be picked up or be your typical lap dog—he likes to do his own thing. He absolutely loves car rides and will insist on being in the front seat with you. One of Jacko's favourite things is looking out the window at people, cars—anything that seems to catch his attention. Chasing squirrels in the backyard and looking up at them in the trees is a favoured pastime. 

He loves to go on his walks and will often pull because he just wants to gooo! But his size and some correction make that easier to control. Jacko can also be playful, running around his foster mom's house and grabbing toys as he goes. He can be a bit mouth-y when he plays but never to hurt; it's just excitement!

He's indifferent towards other dogs and doesn't really interact with them. Jacko would do better in a home without cats—he doesn't seem to get along very well with his foster mom's cat. 


Jacko is house trained but doesn't always let you know that he needs to go out, so a regular schedule is important. He's also not a dog that wants to sleep in your bed with you—honestly, he's not a fan of dog beds either! He'll probably find a spot in your home that works for him and stick to it. 

Jacko is such a great little dog and just full of character. If you're interested in adopting Jacko, please fill out an application.

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