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Eve came to us with her brother, Eddie, from the remote Northern Ontario town of Attawapiskat. She is a smart, sweet 9 week old husky mix pup. She is calm, capable of playing on her own, but also loves to fall asleep on your lap with her favourite toy.


Eve is laser-focused during training sessions. She has already mastered “come” and “sit”. We are working on “down” and “leave it”. Eve is like a sponge, absorbing so much around her that she grows bored easily. She needs a lot of stimulation, patience and attention. Outside play includes chasing ball, running with her people, and play fighting with her brother.


Eve is alert to other animals and other dogs but tends to sit and absorb rather than chase. She is curious about the cat in her foster home, but cautious to engage. She knows to go to her crate for bedtime and is very close to being fully potty trained.

We are accepting applications for Eve now but she won't be ready to go home for another couple of weeks.

If you are interested in adopting or learning more about Eve, please fill out and submit an application.

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