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Eddie came to us with his sister, Eve, from the remote Northern Ontario town of Attawapiskat and Eddie is an absolute teddy bear. He just loves cuddling with his foster dad.


He is a 9 week old husky mix pup. Very vocal, often talking back at his people and whining for attention. Eddie is super excitable. He loves to play rough with his sister and play fights are usually loud and snarly.


Eddie doesn’t sleep well on his own, often looking to his sister for comfort. He is growing into a big, strong boy, tugging against his foster parents and testing his boundaries constantly. But with food incentives, Eddie is mastering “come”, “sit”, and “paw”. He still needs work with “down” and “leave it”. Eddie will sleep in his crate, but needs potty breaks every couple hours. He has no interest in the cat in his foster home, except to see who can out-talk the other. Eddie is a bundle of happy energy that keeps growing every day.

We are accepting applications for Eddie now but he won't be ready to go home for another couple of weeks.

If you are interested in adopting or learning more about Eddie, please fill out and submit an application.

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