She’s all ears!!!

Brenne has been in rescue searching for her home for over 5 months. It’s so sad; she came to rescue as a puppy and is now an adult dog still in rescue.

Brenne is not good with other animals and must be the only pet. She’s proven to be pretty good at winning over her fosters. Brenne is housetrained but not crate trained.

Brenne has moments where she is calm and settled and moments that she is a complete wild woman. She can get pretty excited when her foster parents come home from work. She will need to learn to curb that with a trainer as she can jump up pretty high and sometimes even nip a little. She doesn’t mean any harm but this will need some work.

The fosters say Brenne can get a little barky when they leave but stops after a few minutes. She does have quite the bark so apartment living is not for her.

Overall, Brenne is a sweet girl who just needs someone with patience and who believes in hiring a trainer. Like most of our dogs she would benefit. 

Brenne is up to date on vaccinations, spayed and ready and waiting for her forever home.