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Meet Arrow!


We think Arrow is part Husky and part Malamute. She is about 5 months old. Arrow is a very sweet girl; she is a bit shy until she gets to know you, but we're certain this will improve as she gets older and with training. She is already learning her commands like sit, stay, come, and is working on leash training.

She has the stubborn Malamute/ Husky attitude, she is smart and knows what you're asking. She’s very social when it comes to other dogs and very respectful. She knows who she can play with and the ones that don’t want to be bothered. Arrow is afraid of cats—yes you read right! She has not had one ounce of prey drive and is afraid of them.


Arrow will need a very active family as both breeds in her are working breeds. She loves being outside but also enjoys curling up at your feet when she’s had enough exercise. She makes a bit of a fuss at first going in her crate, but it doesn’t take her long to lay down after she’s coaxed in.


Arrow prefers the cold hard floor over a dog bed because she has the thickest coat of fur!! It will also require good, frequent brushing to keep it looking beautiful. She’s a super sweet girl that would make a breed experienced family very happy.

If you're interested in learning more or adopting Arrow, please fill out and submit an application!

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